Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The NRI Group's corporate philosophy consists of four pillars:

  • mission
  • business domain
  • management goals
  • action guidelines
  • Mission (Roles to be assumed for society, clients, etc.)
    To society: Discerning new social paradigms and assuming the role of implementing such paradigms.
    To clients: Building client's trust and prospering together with clients.
  • Business domain (Means of implementing the mission)
    Self-definition: Company creating future society
    Service definition: Knowledge creation and integration
  • Management goals (Independent management style)
    Pursuing the maximization of corporate value through "Navigation & Solution"
  • Action guidelines (Standards guiding employees in conducting business activities)
    Continuing never-ending challenges with pride of true professionals

未来創発 ―Dream up the future.

What is " 未来創発 - Mirai souhatsu -"?

It indicates NRI's positive approach in striving to generate innovative new business models.

What is "Dream up the future"?

"Dream up" refers to "an adventurous idea" or "inventions full of fresh new ideas," and indicates NRI's passion towards developing ideas for the future that could be expressed as "because the future is unknown and unpredictable, let's endeavor to create it."

In our desire for creating a positive future by thoroughly considering the possibilities facing society in this era of rapid change where predictions cannot easily be made, we hope to contribute to society by creating new value. The NRI Group will continue our endeavors in meeting never-ending challenges as a "company creating future society."

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