NRI's Corporate DNA.

Navigation × Solution is a seven-step approach that NRI follows to identify and resolve issues

NRI was created as a merged entity of Nomura Research Institute, Japan's first private think tank, and Nomura Computer Systems, a pioneer in systems integration. These two entities have come together to conduct business activities that keep us one step ahead of the times. NRI discerns future trends and provides recommendations that benefit society. We inherited our corporate DNA from our forerunners, addressing issues from the standpoint of our clients, always mindful of offering the highest quality.。

Today, the approach of Navigation × Solution is the foundation to create and innovate upon the future. Navigation is the phase in which we identify problems and resolve issues, through forecasting, analysis, and strategic policy creation. Solution is the phase in which we help clients implement specific business process reengineering, systems designs, development, and operations to resolve the issues. The combination of Navigation and Solution functions as the means with which NRI creates a new future for clients andsociety.


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