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Offering quality enterprise IT solutions to a Japanese-oriented firms in Chin besides Chinese enterprises.

Business Outline

NRI Beijing, established in October, 2002, has provided quality IT solutions for major distribution and manufacturing firms to support their business expansion in China with quality IT solutions.

We're focusing on hiring excellent specialists and bringing up our people for our business expansion to the new fields in recent years.

Besides that, we are working on the following new businesses for which know-how in Japan is utilized.
* Providing system consulting and IT system for use in fields like securities, insurance and other financial firms.
* Total package introduction for distribution industry
* Building of EC front system
* Consultation servicing related to security and sale of goods

We'll also lead our customers by our system design skills which was obtained through our experiences of customer's business support in the huge and growing Chinese market. We'll do more efforts to build quality "NRI" brand in China and try to provide our customers highest customer satisfaction as IT service provider.


Koji Koriyama
Koji Koriyama


Currently we do not have any opening career positions.

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Nomura Research Institute (Beijing), Ltd.

9F, Zhuzong Real Estate Building, A2 Huixin East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China
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Nomura Research Institute (Beijing), Ltd. Shanghai Branch

Unit 1110-16, 11F, Two ICC, Shanghai ICC, No.288 South Shaanxi Road, Shanghai, 200031, China
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