Commitment to Quality

A Commitment to Quality and Risk Management

Since inception, NRI has engaged in the tenacious pursuit of quality improvement.

NRI takes the position of responsibility for providing information systems as social infrastructure very seriously. We have made the commitment to apply significant resources to comprehensive risk management.

Quality Improvement Initiatives

Each division is responsible for quality control over systems development, operations, and consulting services projects. In addition, NRI has established an organization to propose and support quality control activities for each division.

Project Management Activities

Project Management Activities

Quality Improvement Support System

Quality Improvement Support System

Integrated Risk Management

NRI divides risk into three categories: 1) Company-wide risks; 2) Business activity risks; and 3) Disaster or accident-related risks. We have developed a risk management structure for each type of risk, working closely together as an organization to conduct integrated risk management. Periodically we perform assessments of this risk management structure, making improvements when necessary. We have instituted business continuity and disaster recovery plans especially for those businesses and services which may have a significant impact on society.

We have established an advanced information security management activities in our offices, in our data centers, and at our partner companies, serving as a model to society. This is one way in which we can continue to earn trust from clients and society. As an entity responsible for information security management, we comply with regulations and respond to technology advancements, setting up internal rules and company regulations. We have obtained ISMS and Privacy Mark certifications. We strive to enlighten our employees regarding the importance of information security.

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