Sustainability Topics, We introduce our sustainable activities through our business

There are a lot of social issues which have to be solved in the world.
The NRI Group is pursuing activities to solve these issues and lead to a new sustainable future through our business.
We introduce our social activities which aim to create new value with various stakeholders and can solve social issues on "Sustainability Topics".


  • Toward an Era of Active Participation by Disabled People in Convenience StoresNEW

    Solving Labor Shortages with New Workers and the Use of IT

    NRI Retail Next, Ltd.

    June, 2018

  • Protecting Our Motorized Society from Cyber-attacks

    Creating the Infrastructure of the Future for Safe Driving

    NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd.

    February, 2018

  • Promoting Mutually Beneficial Africa-Japan Relations

    A new Africa — from manufacturing investment target to innovation base

    Social System Consulting Department Emerging markets consulting Group

    November, 2017

  • To Create a Society Where Everyone Can Be Independent

    Surveys and research on employment of people with disabilities and work style improvement using IT

    NRI Mirai, Ltd.

    September, 2017

  • Enhancing the Health of Workers Through "Collabo-Health"

    The Utilization of Data to Promote Employee Good Health

    Digital Business Development Department

    August, 2017

  • Mobile Technology Contributing to Paperless Meetings

    Consideration for the environment by saving resources and reducing waste in business activities

    NRI Netcom

    March, 2017

  • Keeping the Supply Chain Moving

    Cloud services + consulting, supporting overseas growth of Japanese companies

    NRI Hong Kong

    January, 2017

  • Creating a Disaster-Resilient, Community-based Region

    Supporting the Creative Reconstruction of Kumamoto Prefecture

    Social System Consulting Department and Public Project Department

    September, 2016

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