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NRI Group efforts for the environment

NRI Group efforts for the environment

As we look to build a more abundant future, and to preserve a global environment where people and nature live in harmony, the NRI Group's executives and employees are working to mitigate negative environmental impact.

Message from the Environmental Activities Committee Chair

To achieve the sustainable development of society, the NRI Group will undertake sincere and conscientious efforts related to global environmental issues.

The NRI Group's Environmental Policy

NRI has established an NRI Group Environmental Policy and the entire organization is developing activities to mitigate environmental impact.

NRI Green Style activities

NRI will help reduce environmental impact through both its "Green by NRI" and "Green of NRI" activities.

Biodiversity Action Agenda

NRI has prepared a Biodiversity Action Agenda, and will proactively take steps to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable use.

Environmental data

The following data provide a glimpse of NRI's environmental activities.

Organization for promoting environmental activities

To unfailingly promote activities that will reduce environmental impact, NRI has created an organization for promoting environmental activities headed by the Environmental Activities Committee Chair

NRI Green Bond

NRI resolved to issue a "NRI Green Bond".

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