Message from the Environmental Activities Committee Chair

Kenji Yokoyama
Senior Corporate Managing Director

Global environmental issues are increasing in both complexity and severity. To address these issues, which range from climate change and global warming to the loss of biodiversity, desertification and the depletion of energy and water resources, it is imperative that we act on a global scale.

At NRI, each and every employee is working to mitigate environmental impact, and based on our group corporate philosophy "dream up the future," we are vigorously pursuing environmentally friendly business operations as we seek to realize an abundant future and achieve harmony between nature and people.

Together with offering society and our clients various proposals and consulting services pertaining to global environmental issues, NRI provides IT solutions that are crafted to help mitigate negative environmental effects.

In the provision of IT solutions we are focusing efforts on CO2 reduction in particular, and NRI offers shared online services, where multiple client firms share one information system, in a variety of sectors. NRI's preliminary estimates indicate that by using these services instead of developing and operating their own systems, clients are able to greatly reduce both their CO2 emissions and costs. By also employing the latest energy-saving technologies and natural energy at the data centers where it operates these shared online system services, NRI is promoting more efficient energy use.

In the years ahead as well, NRI will undertake sincere and conscientious efforts to address global environmental issues as "a company that is creating and innovating the future"

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