Integrated Report (Annual Report)

Integrated Report (Annual Report)

Integrated Report 2018 (Year Ended March 31,2018)

Cover-NRI's Corporate Philosophy(1.20MB)

Contributing to Innovationsin Society and among Clients
as a "Company Creating Future Society"

Contents/Editorial Policy(580KB)

NRI's History(804KB)

Message from the President(786KB)

NRI's Value Creation(2.28MB)

NRI's Value Creation Proces
Changes to the Business Environment Surrounding NRI
Business Model: Further Strengthening the Specialty Areas in Japan (Corporate IT)
Business Model: Creating New Growth Drivers (Global Business/Business IT)
Competitive Advantages of Human Capital
Competitive Advantages of Social and Relationship Capital
Competitive Advantages of Financial Capital (CFO Message)
Outcomes: Financial Highlights
Outcomes: Non-financial Highlights

Long-term Management Vision and the Medium-Term Management Plan(524KB)

Progress of Long-term Management Vision and the Medium-term Management Plan
Events in the Fiscal Year Ended March 2018

NRI's Business Segments(1.15MB)

NRI's Four Business Segments
Consulting Segment
Financial IT Solutions Segment
Industrial IT Solutions Segment
IT Platform Services Segment

NRI's Sustainability Management (2.54MB)

Message from the Director in Charge of Supervising of Corporate Administration
NRI Sustainability Management Policy
Results of Main Sustainability Activities in the Fiscal Year Ended March 2018
Stakeholder Dialogue
E (Environment): Creation of a Future, Low Environmental Impact Society
S (Social):
NRI's Human Resources Strategy
New Value Created by Industry-Academia Partnerships
Development of Human Resources for Blazing a New Future
Diversity Management
Work-style Reform Issues and Health and Productivity Management
G (Governance):
NRI's Corporate Governance
System and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Audit & Supervisory Board
Compensation for Members of the Board and Audit & Supervisory Board Members
Message from the Outside Member of Board and the Audit & Supervisory Board Member
NRI Executives
Internal Controls, Corporate Ethics and Compliance
Cooperation with Stakeholders
Information Disclosure and Communication
NRI's Quality Management

Corporate Information/Data(980KB)

11-year Summary Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidate Financial Data
ESG Data
NRI Group Network
Corporate Data/ Share Information

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