Annual Report

Annual Report

Integrated Report 2016
(Year Ended March 31, 2016)

Integrated Report 2016

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  • front cover-P11(1.60MB)

    2016 in Summary
    About NRI
    Financial and Non-Financial Highlights

  • P12-P37(2.79MB)

    Message from the President
    Determined Commitment of New Management
    Special Feature:Share the Next Values!
    Long-term Management Vision "Vision2022"
    and Medium-Term Management Plan
    Segments at a Glance
    Business Strategies

  • P38-P49(609KB)

    Corporate Governance
    Quality Management

  • P50-P53(639KB)

    CSR Activities

  • P54-back cover(1.55MB)

    Financial Section
    Corporate Data

NRI has been publishing an integrated report since 2014, with the aim of communicating a holistic picture of our corporate value creation activities in a concise and clear manner. This is accomplished by connecting important financial and non-financial information related to corporate value. We believe this will enable us to engage all of our stakeholders, including the typical target of institutional investors, in a much deeper way.

Further details of CSR activities can be found on CSR Reports.

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