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Vision2022 — Pursuing solid, sustainable growth and medium - to long-term growth in corporate value Shingo Konomoto President & CEO, Member of the Board

Welcome to our site for investors. I appreciate your interest in Nomura Research Institute (NRI).

NRI provides integrated services ranging from research and consulting through design, construction and operation of information systems. In everything we do, we strive to live up to our corporate philosophy, "Dream up the future." The world today is moving quickly into "a new era of information technology" fostered by the digital economy. With a firm grasp of the trends driving these changes, NRI has boldly set out a long-term management vision covering eight years, called "Vision2022."*1 Fueled by this vision, we will continue to sharpen our three core strengths of insight, realization and co-creation — competitive advantages we have been developing for more than 50 years — as we pursue our growth strategy.

We are currently promoting our three-year Medium-Term Management Plan*2 focused on Vision2022. Our targets under the plan are net sales of ¥500.0 billion, operating profit of ¥70.0 billion, and ¥58.0 billion driven by global business initiatives. To meet these goals, we will work to raise productivity and keep growing our existing businesses while building new business platforms and creating a track record in fields such as the global and digital business sectors. Over the next three years, we will expand the reach of our business domains, in order to lay the groundwork for even faster growth in the future.

We look forward to your understanding and support going forward.

Shingo Konomoto
President & CEO,
Member of the Board
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

Shingo Konomoto

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