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NRI Papers (Global) are written and published by NRI professionals worldwide. NRI research and development specialists from all over the world deliver reports and white papers including timely information which cover various needs and themes from economic topics, industrial themes to IT trends required in societies.

Date of Release Title
November 20, 2017 JapanITSFData AnalyticsHighly Effective Data Utilization(637KB)

Tomohiro Yamazaki, NRI Digital, Digital Solution Business Department Head, NRI

November 20, 2017 JapanITSFAIHow to Reform Your Business Operations Using Artificial Intelligence(888KB)

Keisuke Nakagawa, NRI Senior Systems Consultant, IT Platform Innovation Division, Big Data Innovation Department, NRI, Shun Sasaki, NRI Senior Consultant, IT Platform Innovation Division, Big Data Innovation Department, NRI

November 9, 2017 JapanFinancialThe Japanese Real Estate Investment Market 2017(2.18MB)

Nomura Research Institute published "The Japanese Real Estate Investment Market 2017" which shows the result of the research held by NRI.

It shows the real estate investment market in Japan including "real estate investment market", "offices", "housings", "commercial establishments", "distribution facilities", "hotels", and "each market of real estate investment goods". They were written based on "long-term movement of population", "financial policy", "fiscal policy" and "growth strategy"

June 7, 2016 JapanMediaforumThe 2030 Housing Market
~An Increase in the Mobile Population is the Key to Invigoratingthe Housing Market in an Era With a Declining Population~

WataruSakakibara, Senior consultant, Akira Daido, Chief consultant, Keita Kamei,Associate consultant, Mitsuru Deguchi, Associate consultant, Tomoki Yoshizawa, Consultant, Consulting Division, NRI

February 10, 2016 JapanFinancialAsset management companies'
information security risks and defenses

Satoshi Idei, Senior Technical Engineer, Asset Management Systems Platform Services Department, NRI

January 26, 2016 JapanFinancialRethinking regulation of financial groups(902KB)

Sadakazu Osaki, Head of Research, Center for Strategic Management and Innovation , NRI

January 12, 2016 JapanFinancialQQE's sustainability(825KB)

Katsutoshi Takehana, Researcher, Financial Technology & Market Research Department, NRI

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