Industrial IT Solutions

Transcending the boundaries to promote change and growth

NRI provides solutions to clients across a broad range of industries, including distribution, services, and manufacturing. Our approach is not limited to current industrial frameworks or conventional wisdom; we help clients utilize information technology to reengineer and grow their business.

IT Solutions for the Distribution Business

NRI provides a breadth of services, from consulting to systems integration, including distribution IT solution such as our BizMart system, as well as outsourcing when required. These services and approaches help clients in the distribution industry resolve issues and increase their business efficiencies and effectiveness.

IT Solutions for Manufacturing and Service Industries

NRI provides end-to-end support to our clients in manufacturing and service industries, leveraging information technology and our long years of experience and expertise.

IT Solutions for Healthcare Business

Pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers around the world are facing major challenges of globalization and in a highly competitive environment. For these clients, NRI supports business strategy creation, compliance with regulations, transformation of sales and operations.

Case study

By Providing a Comprehensive Organizational Approach, NRI Supports Clients in Successfully Achieving Business Transformation

NRI supports client growth in a variety of industries by using Navigation and Solution approach, harnessing power provided by NRI's cross functional team.

NRI provided development
support for a Web-based
beauty counseling service.

Food Industry

NRI provides system planning, development, and operations support for the Ajinomoto Group's company wide information systems. In April 2012, NRI established an IT subsidiary of the Ajinomoto Group as NRI System Techno. Utilizing the NRI Group business infrastructure, we have been able to help Ajinomoto become more competitive across their markets.

Wholesale Industry

NRI provides comprehensive systems support for the procurement and logistics of food wholesaler Kokubu.Kokubu relies on our services from development to operations support related to the company's sales and logistics systems. For pharmaceuticals wholesaler Suzuken, we provided total support for that company's sales and logistics redevelopment, beginning with planning consultations, and proceeding through systems design/development to infrastructure design/development.

Retail Industry

The order processing system and POS information analysis systems, provided by NRI to Seven & i Holdings and its group of companies, support their businesses in Japan and globally. NRI also provided support services in the successful launch and continuing service of the Seven & i Holdings electronic money ("nanaco"), Seven Bank ATM services, and IY Card.

Apparel Industry

For Onward Kashiyama, we provide a wide range of support for their core system, from production to sales, and from accounting to human resources. Beginning in 2010, we added support for the company's global activities, providing systems development and operations for their subsidiary in Shanghai.

Cosmetics Industry

In this industry, we have provided clients with new consumer-interactive services utilizing the Internet. When NRI provided end-to-end support to Shiseido, in launching their e-commerce business, we provided business model consulting services, systems design and development services.

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