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NRI Launches New Website

Jan. 02, 2018

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- The new design highlights NRI’s expertise and IT solutions to cater to a global audience

NRI is excited to announce the unveiling of the first phase of our new website,!

Our new format aims to highlight the company’s global reach and solution set, with imagery that reflects the efficiency that our offering provides. As we provide market-leading services in financial IT and fintech across the globe, we transformed our website to be easy to navigate for a holistic view of NRI.

In addition, our new website highlights the work that NRI is doing across financial services sectors. New sub-categories on the site highlight our success in banking, insurance, securities and asset management, allowing current customers and prospective partners to get a full grasp of our suite of solutions that companies across finance are using to optimize their operations. In addition to our solutions, we’ve also built a new spotlight for our research, which will host our industry leading insights, from reports to webinars.

In the coming months, we will be unveiling more elements of the website as we look to develop more content and expand our service offerings. The first iteration of our website has been structured to highlight the capabilities we have in the US marketplace.

We want our partners, customers, and prospects to be able to get a 360-degree view of NRI, including our unique offering of financial technology solutions and our popularity in capital markets across the globe, built upon over 50 years of history.

As we say on our new home page, our success is a result of our three-pronged approach: Clients, Quality and Innovation. As we continue to succeed and grow with our partners around the world on new and innovative projects, we want our innovation to be showcased on a website that reflects the high quality that we expect and deliver within our solutions.

Our new website marks the beginning of the latest chapter of the NRI story, and will serve as a window into our organization as we head into a bright future.

Come visit us at our new website here!

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