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Sofiya Kantorovich - Project Manager at NRI America -

Sep. 07, 2023

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How did you learn/hear about NRI and what made you decide to join?

Photo: Visiting art museums

I was very fortunate to work as a client with the NRI team. This was the time I understood the dedication, professionalism, and an incredible team integrity. And I was also very fortunate to become a part of the team. Needless to say – when I was offered a chance to join NRI I embraced the opportunity.

Most memorable moment working at NRI

After many false starts and strenuous efforts for the long 7 years here we were, NRIA conference room, February 2019 – drinking champagne in a very emotional celebration of the first US client going live on the BetaNXT (Refinitiv back then)/NRI international settlement platform.

The last trip you went on and the first place you want to go

In 2020, I went to the new continent for me – visited Africa for the first time. Morocco was so beautiful, so full of history, so friendly… We crossed the Gibraltar strait and traveled to the Blue City of Chefchaouen. We had spent unforgettable days and nights there… And now it is time to go extend the global reach – maybe Australia .


Photo: Trip to Morocco

Outside of work, what do you spend your most time on doing?

Photo: Visiting art museums

Living in New York City brings my passion for history and art so close – Metropolitan Museum; Museum of Modern Art; Guggenheim museum; Historical Society; Museum of the City of New York; American Museum of Natural History; Whitney museum …. A never ending source of knowledge and delight.  Every weekend I visit one of the museums and enjoy the human strive for the ultimate perfection.

New thing you learn about yourself during quarantine

I understand we have to talk about pandemic as the whole world was turned upside down. What have I learned? It was the lesson of resilience. It took me a couple of weeks but then I realized that I would not be afraid, I would not change, I would continue living my life without bending my back. It has been six months of quarantine. I am still keeping my head high and being not afraid. Looking forward to seeing my colleagues, working together, going to the theater. By the way - I have visited the Metropolitan museum the first day it has opened its doors after quarantine.

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