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Sanjhivi Kumar Radhakrishnan - Business Analyst and Subject Matter Expert at NRI America -

Division: IT Solution and Delivery / Securities Solution

Oct. 13, 2023

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Please describe what you do in a few sentences

My role is to analyze the financial client's business objectives with respect to process flow and system execution patterns and to facilitate in the critical enterprise application, which includes but is not limited to providing a road map for optimal solutions in data accuracy, performance, process standardization, STP and globalization sectors.

The impression of NRI before and after joining NRI

Opportunity to get mentored and further opportunity to evolve after.

Most memorable moment working at NRI

I guess COVID is the best memorable moment of the all, where I could see the passion and dedication of all my fellow members to sustain and make NRIA better even in these unexpected situations. The foresight and planning of the top management has shown its best results.

Your favorite quote and why?

Problems are common but the attitude makes the Difference!! -- APJ Abdul Kalam.

This inspired me a lot to search for alternative solutions out of the box.

Outside of work, what do you spend your most time on doing?

The way we spend our time outside of work can have a big impact on the trajectory of our carrier, So the foremost activity to boost confidence, creativity I follow a consistent fitness regime.

I seek inspiration & fresh experience from traveling & exploring various places, new city, new culture and nature.

An unplugged weekend with my family which is the greatest gift I ever got. Kids smile is the biggest stress buster of all times

At Venice Canals in LA

Your new routine after the pandemic



My new routine includes taking intentional time helping with daily chores than lot before and making family dinners. Building my day and weeks around yoga helped to knock out stress and boost positivity.

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