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Paramita Chatterjee - Marketing Manager at NRI Financial Technologies India-

Marketing Manager

Dec. 12, 2023

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Could you tell us about your career? What have you done before joining NRI? What made you join NRI?

Feel Positive, Think Positive
Positive thinking comes from a positive surrounding. I try and decorate my workstation so as to keep myself and my team motivated! “Feel Positive, Think Positive”

I completed my Master’s in Economics and started my career as a Credit Analyst, with a multinational financial services corporation headquartered in the US. My job responsibility was to handle corporate accounts and evaluate FICO credit scores on a micro and macro level. Before joining NRI, I also worked as a Business Analyst for a leading management consulting firm headquartered in the US. I was leading a research team to support Consultants in their company strategy formulation for clients, financial analysis, industry analysis, competitive landscaping and feasibility reports. I was also assisting Consultants in their pre-sales activities and sales lead generation for their respective clients.

Having worked with Consultants for over 5 years, I was very much aware of the NRI brand value. Thus, in 2013, I joined Nomura Research Institute Financial Technologies India (NRI FinTech), the wholly-owned subsidiary of NRI, and became a part of the Business Development team. Business Development seemed to be a great opportunity to advance the skills I had acquired from my previous roles, where I could continue building my career and keep challenging myself with newer possibilities.

What’s your role? What has been the biggest accomplishment at NRI?

Currently I am working as the Marketing Manager for NRI FinTech India.
When I joined in 2013 NRI FinTech India’s global business expansion plans and efforts were at full swing. NRI FinTech was in process of expanding its global footprints in Australia and in the APAC countries. Our mission being expanding NRI’s global business, delivering NRI’s projects and serving the global capital markets with modern technology and quality services. Being a part of the Business Development team, I took up the task of promoting the NRI brand and the I-STAR product suite, in various geographies so as to increase brand visibility and market penetration. 

My branding initiatives always focused towards increasing visibility of the NRI brand. Thus, while generating various sales leads for NRI FinTech, I simultaneously introduced and strengthened a few digital marketing channels for (such as website, social media platforms and e-mail marketing), along with developing relevant creatives, marketing Ads, brochures, organizing conferences, thereby supporting all business development activities in Australia and other APAC geographies.

At NRI FinTech, strength lies in the diverse skillsets of our valued employees whom we leverage to continuously enhance our core expertise in the financial services and capital markets domain. Thus other than external branding, my focus was also to improve our internal branding strategies so as to hire quality resources. I have been involved in conceptualization, planning and execution of various internal branding initiatives and employee events so as to help our employees connect with the business and with the NRI brand.

One of my accomplishments was when I successfully got NRI listed in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), as a provider of back office clearing and settlement software. I believe that was one of the major milestones I could achieve for my continuous branding efforts and support from the NRI FinTech tem. It was our first milestone in the Australian market!

What motivates you?

I am very passionate about my work. I want to make the NRI and NRI FinTech brand known to the market participants in geographies we venture into, currently that being Australia. Working for the greater good is what motivates me. The fact that my hard work and perseverance may contribute to something bigger and better, is what keeps me going.

What frustrates you working at NRI?

Working for a leading firm like NRI is always a privilege. I have not faced any major challenges yet. However, in India, there are several job opportunities in the IT sector which often leads to high attrition rates in IT firms. NRI / NRI FinTech is yet to establish the brand impression in the minds of young engineers of India. Thus, it is important to build the NRI brand so that employees believe in the brand and feel passionate about being a part of the NRI group.

What do you think is unique about NRI?

The work environment and everything that we do is for our clients is something that makes NRI FinTech unique. We have a very open and flexible work culture that encourages excellence of service to clients with inbuilt integrity and trust. As an employer, NRI FinTech offers good work life balance and great benefits and growth opportunities to its employees.The senior management is always open to new ideas which gives employees various opportunities to develop deep expertise in their areas of interests. 

Can you tell us what you want to be doing in 5 years from now?

I have been working at NRI FinTech for almost 9 years and I am very passionate about the tasks I take up. My immediate mission is to make the NRI and NRI FinTech brand known to clients in Australia. I am therefore giving my full support to the business development team in Australia, with my research and branding skills. 

I also want to make the NRI and NRI FinTech brand known to the IT professionals working in the financial technologies domain, so as to attract quality talents for the team. It is widely accepted as fact that one of the most powerful methods of marketing is word of mouth, therefore, I would like to encourage myself as well as the NRI FinTech team to support me in such initiatives and reach a level where I can share my ideas with the management.

Women’s Day Celebration at NRI FinTech (Pre-Covid times) 
On the occasion of Women’s Day, all women employees of NRI FinTech were appreciated for their hard work. As a token of appreciation, we created a few personalised diaries and gift cards, with short positive messages.

Secret Santa - A CSR Initiative at NRI FinTech
We also believe in creating a better tomorrow for the society. Our CSR activity in a local slum, in the year 2016   

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