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HOME Knowledge Insight Blog Blog List John Lee - Head of Financial IT Solutions at NRI Europe -

John Lee - Head of Financial IT Solutions at NRI Europe -

Division: Financial IT Department

Jan. 25, 2024

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Please tell us about your work

I am currently responsible for managing a team of project delivery staff within the financial sectors in the UK. My future goal is to expand our operations into other areas such as solutions and service offerings.

How did you learn/hear about NRI and what made you decide to join?

I was considering moving on from my previous company and have had some conversations with potential companies but nothing really stood out as something I wanted to jump onboard. And then NRI was introduced to me by a friend who was contracting for NRI back in 2018. I decided to join because there was an opportunity to work on developing the NRI business in addition to an opportunity to be a member of MUFG project. I still have many months left on the project, but I hope to be able to dedicate my full time on the business development soon.

The impression of NRI before and after joining NRI

I know NRI is a hugely successful organization and I am very excited and proud to be part of this company. I have been delivering customer IT project on-site since joining NRI and everyone I worked with has been very helpful and supportive. I am really looking forward continuing work at NRI.

Your favorite holiday and why?

Greek islands – beautify beaches, good food, warm weather, not far from the UK.  I am generally happy if there is a beach. With 3 kids, I don’t get to relax any more as I spend most of my time on the beach digging holes, filling then up water, making sandcastles etc.… 

I still play rugby, so Saturdays are spent with my teammates practicing or playing matches. I am getting a bit old these days though; I reckon there are few more years left in my legs. My kids play rugby for a local team on Sundays where I am one of the coaches there, so my weekends are active. 


Photo: Our team, London Japanese RFC. It’s founded in 1979.
The team was invited to the Japanese embassy to attend a ceremony.

New thing you learn about yourself during quarantine

I have never been good at reading books as I get bored very quickly. With my track record on unfinished books, you could even say my hobby is buying books but not reading them. However, recently I decided to try biography books and to my surprise, I find them very interesting and easy to read. New thing I learn about myself is that I am not so bad at reading books, it was just a matter of finding the right kind of book.  

The biography on David Jason I’ve read recently.

The biography I read was on David Jason who is a well-known comedy actor in the UK. It is a biography so unless you've seen any his shows it is hard to appreciate his story. All I can say is that he was in his early 40's when his career really took off. Lesson here is that you never know what is round the corner, and never give up what you love doing.  However, this book is dedicated to a show call "Only Fools and Horses". This show run for 22 years with 64 episodes. I think earlier episodes are more fun to watch. I recommend you watch this if you want to get a taste of British humour and jokes. Although East End London Cockney Accent and Slag might be challenging to understand.

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