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Andrew Briggs - Marketing & Communications Manager at AUSIEX -

Division: Customer Experience, Insights & Marketing

Mar. 25, 2024

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Please describe what you do in a few sentences

My role is to lead AUSIEX’s content marketing, PR, sponsorship and events programme working with a range of external content and commercial partners, agencies and NRI Group stakeholders.

How did you learn/hear about AUSIEX and what made you decide to join?

Coming from a career in Commercial Finance and International Private Wealth technology (Trust & Corporate Services) and with AUSIEX being a relatively new brand, I must admit I had not heard of AUSIEX prior to joining. That said, it was clear to me that the business was in the early stages of a new direction at a very interesting phase in the Australian market, in particular with the replacement of Australia’s core securities registration and settlement system with a new platform on blockchain technology on the horizon. There has also been a significant increase in trading participation and an increase in competition through the pandemic. I was keen to be a part of the AUSIEX team during this period of change and transformation.

Most memorable moment working at AUSIEX

Although I have been with AUSIEX for a short time I would consider producing our Quarterly Insights white paper ‘SMSFs Under Advice’ as a highlight, primarily as it was a great experience working with our BI team to draw out insights from the wealth of trading data AUSIEX has at our disposal and translate it into quality content which delivered AUSIEX media coverage and was well received by our financial adviser customers. I would also add collaborating with my colleagues at NRI Fintech and NRI Corporate to jointly sponsor the Stockbroker and Investment Advisers Association (SIAA) annual conference and producing a trading technology white paper as other memorable moments, and an early example to me of the opportunities for and impact of collaboration across the group.

The news/topics you are following/most interested in now 

It is hard not to take an interest in the wider world at this time considering the circumstances, so I tend to follow all things international affairs. I am particularly interested in progress around global economic recovery post-covid, geopolitics and all things technology and global markets. I also love to follow anything relating to sailing and aviation (in other words ‘armchair’ travel!)

Outside of work, what do you spend your most time on doing?

Outside of work, my time is spent with my young family with my kids – two six year old twins and a 8 year old). As many parents will likely say, there really isn’t time for much else!

Having said that, if I do get the chance then I love my Rugby Union (Go the Brave Cherry Blossoms!), the outdoors, the strange game of Cricket, reading, Fly fishing and pining for the return of more international travel, as many of us are.

Photo: Enjoying the great outdoors

Photo: Dry fly fishing for Trout

New skill you acquired during the pandemic

Although I didn’t realise it at the time, I was a statistic, being one of many in Australia (and around the world as it turns out) who took an active interest in trading during Covid lockdowns - knowledge which has certain helped in the early stages of my career with AUSIEX. That said, there was a lot more learning to come, which has been very enjoyable and satisfying.

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