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Fumie Tomokawa - Project Manager at NRI Europe -

Division: Financial IT Solutions Department

May 16, 2024

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Please describe what you do in a few sentences

I manage Infrastructure related projects for our client onsite.  I’m currently running projects which covers several regions. 

How did you learn/hear about NRI and what made you decide to join?

After being at my previous company for 6 years, I was searching for a new challenge when I came across Project Management opportunity at NRI Europe. As I was working at one of the competitor companies, I knew NRI was a dynamic and very successful consulting firm. During the interview with Head of Financial IT Solutions and the President, I had the chance to ask questions myself and I got the impression it was a place where you get entrusted with responsibilities. This made it easy for me to say yes to the new role and join NRI.

Most memorable moment working at NRI

The most memorable moment working at NRI will be Christmas party before COVID hit. Since NRIE members work at different client sites, Christmas party is one of the few occasions when all employees get together. The last one before COVID was organized in the office at a private area with a dedicated chef. Our office in London is located in a prime location, looking over Thames River was such a great view so it was lovely to be able to enjoy that with nice food, drinks and chat!

Your favorite trip destination and why? 

I’ve travelled all around Europe so it is very difficult for me to choose one specific place but I would say our trip to Croatia during my pregnancy. This was very special because it was our first trip as a family in a way. While I was enjoying the sunshine and strolling around Dubrovnik, our baby was kicking and dancing around a lot in my stomach so she must have enjoyed it too! 


Photo: My favorite vacation so far – trip to Croatia during my pregnancy.
It will always be remembered as our first holiday as a family.

What was your lunch yesterday?


Photo: My lunch from Farmer’s J 

I got my lunch from place called ‘Farmer’s J’, which serves food with seasonal ingredients. They source their vegetables from welfare British farms, and their salads are really tasty!! My favorite combination is charred flank steak on grains with roasted sweet potatoes and kale miso slaw on the side.

New skill you acquired during pandemic

 I have started learning how to make flat white at home. We have bought an espresso coffee machine so that we can make coffee to our own liking. During lock down period, one of the few things which we were still able to do was to go for a walk and buy take away coffee. We always enjoyed coffee but the lockdown made us love and enjoy coffee even more. Once we started researching into how to make the ‘perfect’ flat white, I was surprised at how much details you can get into from deciding the ideal grind setting, dose of coffee beans by grams, extract ratio and how to steam the perfect silky milk. There is still so much more to learn but I can’t wait for the day when I’m able to make that ‘perfect’ flat white.

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