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NRI hosts second Global Regulation Conference with Numerix, MongoDB and MarcLogic

Jul. 20, 2016

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On June 20th, NRI hosted its second Global Regulation Conference with NumerixMongoDB and MarkLogic, the leading technology providers in the regulation area. The conference is part of NRI’s effort to educate industry peers on RegTech, including new technology that can facilitate the delivery of regulatory requirements in the current.

Hitomi Kawahashi, Senior Researcher at NRI kicked off the conference with an introduction to the trends in global financial regulation. Before the financial crisis in 2008, the authorities underestimated the qualitative aspect of risk management, focusing more on quantitative aspect. After the crisis, the focus has been shifted to qualitative, keeping a balance between qualitative and quantitative. Financial institutions are responding to this change by prioritizing resources, which as a result can increase the efficiency of business management.

Following Hitomi’s introduction, leaders from Numerix, MongoDB and MarkLogic spoke on the biggest trends and developments that they see in the RegTech space.

Erdem Ozgul, Senior Vice President of Numerix explained the importance of digitalization and presented Numerix Oneview platform, which is a digitalized infrastructure for sophisticated real-time risk management.

Additionally, MongoDB Enterprise Architect, Buzz Moschetti introduced their leading NoSQL database and how it provides users greater agility to meet current regulatory demands. Moschetti further introduced some case studies at major financial institutions such as City, JP Morgan, RBS and Mizuho.

Ken Krupa, Enterprise Chief Technology Officer of MarkLogic, another leading enterprise NoSQL database provider, discussed how major banks such as JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and UBS have adopted their database to comply with BCBS 239.

Atsushi Miura and Kenichi Okui from NRI concluded the conference with tips on system creation to comply with regulations based on NRI’s past experiences. They explained some of the unique challenges of system creation such as flexibility for continuous regulatory changes and strength of risk management, and they also introduced NRI’s system for SA-CCR and FRTB-SA.

NRI continues to expand its collaboration with other innovative, financial IT firms around the world and plans to host additional conferences with other industry leaders to educate the financial community on proper regulatory and risk management.

Minoru Yokote, Senior Managing Director, NRI

Global financial regulations- what regulators and thinking and how major financial institutions are responding
Hitomi Kawahashi, Senior Researcher, NRI

The Trend of Risk Management and Compliances in the Capital Market World- Global Best Practices
Erdem Ozgul, Senior Vice President, Numerix

The Trend of RegTech in the US and Case Study
Buzz Moschetti, Enterprise Architect, MongoDB

Data management and financial regulations- How major financial institutions are complying to BCBS239
Ken Krupa, Enterprise Chief Technology Officer, MarkLogic

System Development Necessary for Financial Risk Regulations such as SA-CCR and FRTB-SA
Atsushi Miura and Kenichi Okui, NRI

Erdem Ozgul, SVP, Numerix
Buzz Moschetti, Enterprise Architect, MongoDB
Ken Krupa, Enterprise CTO, MarkLogic
Hitomi Kawahashi, NRI
Atsushi Miura, NRI
Kenichi Okui, NRI

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  • Hitomi Kawahashi

    Hitomi Kawahashi

    Senior Researcher
    Financial Market & Digital Business Research Department

    Senior Researcher, Financial Market & Digital Business Research Department

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