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NRI attending 2017 Stockbrokers And Financial Advisers Conference at Hilton Sydney - Visit NRI at booth (#2)!

May 03, 2017

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Nomura Research Institute (NRI) will participate in the 2017 Stockbrokers And Financial Advisers Conference to be held at Hilton Sydney on 24th and 25th May, 2017.

The Stockbrokers And Financial Advisers Association (SAFAA) is the top authority for the stockbroking and financial advisory industry in Australia. Organized by the SAFAA, this conference is the largest event in the Australian stockbroking industry, where distinguished industry professionals gather to exchange ideas and share their views on the latest dynamics, developments and trends in the capital markets.

NRI has provided hosted broker back-office solutions in Japan since the mid-1970s and has now implemented the modern, re-written and re-architected global version for Australian market participants.

NRI’s mission is to continue providing high-quality, cutting-edge technology solutions and services to the Australian securities firms that underpin all the aspects of securities operations, and offer holistic local support with timely updates for changing market requirements.

This year we have Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, member of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Committee and Vice chairman, Members of the Board of NRI speak at the 2017 SAFAA conference. Apart from NRI’s plans in Australia, Mr. Suzuki will also highlight how Australia has been playing an important part in APEC and how Australian brokers including the smaller ones can look forward to expanding business as a result of financial market integration across APEC counties.


To learn more about NRI and our cloud-based solution, visit our website or stop by NRI’s booth (No. #2), at SAFAA 2017 on 24th and 25th May.

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