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Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI) is a global leader in financial IT consulting services and IT systems. Our approach focuses on insight-driven research and IT expertise to deliver innovative, front-end financial IT solutions for investment banks, asset managers, banks and insurance providers.

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Solutions and consulting services designed to
help manage today’s complex capital markets.

Since 1965, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) has been providing award-winning consulting
service and system solutions to our global customers. Our approach focuses on insight-driven
research and IT expertise to deliver innovative solutions for a wide range of needs.

For over 50 years, NRI has earned the trust of our clients resulting in annual sales exceeding $4 billion USD. Our four main business segments cover Financial IT Solutions, Consulting Services, Industrial IT Solutions and IT Platform Services. In each area of expertise, we've established industry-leading products trusted by top-performing firms.

While NRI started as a think-tank, we have evolved to include end-to-end consulting and solution systems design. Driven by insights from our industry-leading research and analysis, our practical solutions address today's business challenges and anticipate tomorrow's. Today, our Financial IT Solutions account for approximately 60 percent of our business with customers including broker dealers, asset managers, banks and insurance companies.

NRI's DNA includes research and analysis, as well as solutions system design, construction, and operation. This is a unique approach we call "Navigation x Solution." Fueled by ongoing investments $20 million USD each year, our research team is focused on how to best address our customers' needs. Their findings support our consultants, who bring a deep knowledge of the financial industry, clients' business, operation processes, and the latest IT technology.

While NRl's roots may have started in Japan, today we are recognized as one of the top 10 financial solutions vendors in the world. With over 10,000 employees and 54 offices worldwide, NRI is truly a global company serving global clients. To fuel this growth, recent acquisitions include investments in both the United States and Australia, helping us expand our offering and global reach.

Our success is a result of our three-pronged focus: Clients, Quality and Innovation. We tirelessly pursue quality improvement, setting our standards high. This commitment is reflected in our success, with NRI solutions and services recognized globally as industry best practices.

Our Research

Understanding Through Insight

NRI solutions and services benefit from our ongoing commitment to, and investment in, research. Every year, NRI invests hundreds of millions in research. Our Research and Analysis teams include world-renowned researchers specializing in key areas, such as Capital Markets. This expertise has helped us to build respect with regulators and government bodies, as well as the broader industry. NRI takes its leadership position seriously, periodically hosting Financial Market and Banking Panels, as well as Japan-China Financial Round tables to facilitate discussions among practitioners and policy makers. Working together, we're able to bring the knowledge and research necessary to create the next-generation of industry-leading solutions.

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