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NRI Named in Top 10 of IDC's 2017 Financial Insights FinTech Rankings

Win driven by NRI's M&A activity in the US and progressive products upgrade including AI and RPA research.

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

New York September 11, 2017 - Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, today announced that the company ranked No. 10 in IDC's 2017 Financial Insights FinTech Rankings. This ranking marks the eighth consecutive year that NRI has been named a top 10 global financial technology firm by IDC Financial Insights.

In 2016, NRI began the process for several key M&A transactions. The first was the acquisition of Cutter Associates LLC (Cutter), the leader in providing independent research on investment systems and services with a subscription base of 200 firms around the world. Acquiring Cutter was a perfect strategic fit for NRI, and NRI's overall presence has drastically increased as a result. NRI plans to take full advantage of the synergies between the two firms. In addition to the acquisition in the Financial IT sector, NRI has also acquired the Australia-based ASG Group a leader in cloud based delivery of IT business solutions, and is in the process of acquiring SMS Management & Technology Limited, an Australian IT service company to enhance NRI's capability of global delivery.

It is one of NRI's missions to reduce the industry's overall operational burden and increase efficiency. Throughout 2016, NRI continuously upgraded its offerings responding to new regulations and changing environments, which included T+1 settlement of JGB, SA-CCR and Next J-GATE. In the meanwhile, NRI began a major push to the research of robotic process automation (RPA) and AI technologies for financial services. These new technologies are an important tool for increasing the efficiency of post-trade operations and are in high demand. Following this investment, NRI has completed various proof of concept studies in applying RPA enabled solutions to back-office operations.

NRI's customers know that the one of the organization's major strengths is knowledge and expertise in post-trade operations, and applying the latest technology to these actions is NRI's core objective. NRI is the leading vendor in this space and continues to strive for increased ROI through further optimization of processes. NRI continues to further explore the possible applications of RPA and AI technologies following additional research and investment.

"The past year has been a momentous one in NRI's global footprint, particularly in North America," says Yasuki Okai, President of NRI Holdings America. "We are driving the industry forward by continuously improving our products and applying new technologies, including AI and RPA, cementing ourselves as the most suitable option for post-trade operation technology. We are looking forward to continuing this push in the next year, as well as bringing additional focus to control and governance of automated technologies."

The IDC FinTech Rankings, one of the most prominent rankings for technology vendors in the financial services industry, categorize and evaluate technology providers based on calendar year revenues from financial institutions for hardware, software, and/or services.

The annual IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings has become an important measure of the health and direction of technology in the industry and the emergence of innovative solutions from new players. In addition, the IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings serve as a critical tool for financial services institutions to use during strategic planning and to review in considering new investments in 3rd party solutions.

About NRI

Founded in 1965, NRI is a leading global provider of system solutions and consulting services with annual sales above $3.7 billion.

NRI offers clients holistic support of all aspects of operations from back- to front-office, with NRI's research expertise and innovative solutions as well as understanding of operational challenges faced by financial services firms. The clients include broker-dealers, asset managers, banks and insurance providers. NRI has its offices globally including New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, with over 12,000 employees.

For more information, visit http://fis.nri.co.jp/en

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