NRI's Strengths: From Identifying the Problem to Completing the Solution

What makes NRI so strong is the suite of comprehensive capabilities we leverage to deliver "total solutions." By total solutions, we mean full-line, integrated services that extend from "Navigation" that anticipates the problems of clients and guides the way to improvement through to the "Solution" that implements and operationalizes a specific solution. We aim to make the most of our strengths across this entire spectrum to increase corporate value for our clients.

Today, diverse technologies and businesses are linked together as they go through change. It is impossible to deliver value added for clients simply by offering fragmentary knowledge and expertise and ad hoc solutions. Instead, at NRI we develop deep insights into the future through our constant and persistent research into society and industry. Then we use these insights to guide the way to solutions for all kinds of problems, making the most of our rich array of functions from consulting to systems design, construction, and operation.

At NRI, we see total solutions in terms of seven steps. These are: (1) forecasting the future of society and industry; (2) performing market research, business analysis, and management diagnosis; (3) making recommendations for company management and policy development; (4) proposing solutions for management and business/operational innovations; (5) proposing systems design and solutions; (6) providing outsourcing for systems operations and maintenance; and (7) providing business execution support. The NRI Group's experts in each field collaborate, producing major synergies.

From Identifying the Problem to Completing the Solution

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