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NRI Papers(Japan)

NRI Papers (Japan) present selected works by the thousands professionals in NRI Japan research network. The mission of NRI Papers is to contribute the new ideas and insights required for business management and future policy planning to overcome the many obstacles facing organizations and societies today.

NRI Papers(Global)

NRI Papers (Global) are written and published by NRI professionals worldwide. NRI research and development specialists from all over the world deliver reports and white papers including timely information which cover various needs and themes from economic topics, industrial themes to IT trends required in societies.

NRI Financial Research Paper "lakyara"

"lakyara" aims to provide the most up-to-date and in-depth analysis of Japan's financial market trends and development with insights into technological, operational and strategic management drivers.

Financial Markets Panel

Nomura Research Institute has launched the Financial Markets Panel (FMP) as a policy forum on financial markets. The FMP holds regular meetings participated by designated members both from academics and financial business. Discussions at each meeting is publicly announced as Summary of Discussion in Japanese and in English, in order to encourage active and insightful debates by policy makers, academic researchers and market practitioners in Japan and overseas.

Japan's Asset Management Business

This report provides systematic and comprehensive analysis of the asset management business in Japan, taking into account issues facing the business.

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