NRI Papers
No.26   May 1, 2001
  A Development Scenario for Ubiquitous Networks:Viewed from the Evolution of IT Paradigms  
       Ubiquitous networks represent the next-generation IT paradigm, which is characterized by the ability of various portable devices and information appliances to be used anytime and anywhere. Through shifts of technology that are best described by the expressions "embedded in the real world" and "from ownership to applications," ubiquitous networks continue to evolve from "ownership-focused ubiquity," where users depend on the mobile environments they own, to "application-focused ubiquity" in which the universal availability of devices enables users to concentrate on applications.
   Various changes are occurring in the process of this evolution. These include: (1) the decentralization of control through unbundling; (2) the establishment of wireless networks intended for data transmissions; (3) the separation of terminals and user identification devices; (4) the conversion to ubiquitous thin clients, and (5) the full-scale utilization of service providers. Moreover, in an age of application-focused ubiquity it is anticipated that each unbundled layer will achieve a format that provides a mechanism to appropriately collect profits.
I Where are the ubiquitous networks?
II Evolution of the IT paradigm and the principles behind it
1 From standard API to a standard protocol
2 Embedded in the real world
3 From ownership to applications
III The paradigms surrounding ubiquitous networks
1 Ubiquitous computing
2 Nomadic (non-mobile ubiquitous) computing
3 Augmented reality
4 Wearable computing
5 Position of each paradigm
IV Evolution of the IT paradigm towards ubiquitous networks
1 From ownership-focused ubiquity to application-focused ubiquity
2 Dominant players in an era of ubiquitous networks
3 The awaited wireless network for data communications
4 Beyond the fusion of broadcast and telecommunications
5 Separation of ubiquitous terminals and user identification devices
6 System architecture will move to ubiquitous thin clients
7 Will the use of external xSPs really grow?
8 Deployment of the PKI environment necessary for unbundling
V The opposition between technical inevitability and business models


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