NRI Papers
No.27   June 1, 2001
  Deconstruction of Management to Revitalize Human Resources -- "Aspirationism Management" as a Means of Encouraging Autonomous Employee Behavior --  
      In 1993 and 2000 Nomura Research Institute (NRI) surveyed company employees in their 20s and 30s concerning their views on work and their companies. The results of these surveys revealed a conservative tendency among employees whose desire for challenge is declining despite the fact that they feel their present jobs to be worthwhile and have a sense of personal growth. Various factors lie behind these findings. These include (1) a decline in trust in companies as long-term employment has for all intents and purposes collapsed and (2) inadequate efforts by companies to communicate the intentions behind various management systems designed to clarify employee roles and performance.
  To enter a new phase of business activity formation and management creativity and to regain their vitality, Japanese firms must voluntarily deconstruct their existing management frameworks and replace them with "autonomously acting human resources." Promoting a transformation from system- and contract-oriented management to action- and dialogue-oriented management and the revitalization of a sense of autonomous commitment based on the aspirations of the entire firm and each individual are indispensable for this purpose.
I The Changing Relationship Between Individuals and Firms
II Human Resources Have Begun to Atrophy and Become More Conservative
1 Who Decides the Work You Want to Do?
2 A Declining Inclination to Seek Challenges
3 What Accounts for the Increase in the Number of More Conservative Individuals?
III Companies that Are Harshly Evaluated by Their Employees
1 Tackling Management Reforms that Are Not Positively Evaluated
2 Lack of Progress Towards Information Sharing and Greater Autonomy
IV Firms that Create "Autonomously Acting Human Resources"
1 The Need for Deconstruction and the Creation of a New Management Model
2 The Posture of Firms where Employees Act Autonomously
3 Management that Creates Autonomously Acting Employees
V Towards the Rejuvenation of Employee Vitality
1 Why is the Vitality of Human Resources Declining?
2 The Transition to "Aspirationism Management"


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