NRI Papers
No.38   December 1, 2001
  Innovations in Corporate Philanthropy:Adopting Balanced Scorecard Methodologies to Build Strategy and Evaluation Systems  
        Corporate philanthropy should be seen as social investment rather than charity, and it should be linked to an enhancement of corporate value. To that end, companies must rebuild their social investment mission and clearly reposition it from a management perspective. Strategies must be put in place to efficiently and effectively realize a return on social investments.
    NRI (Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.) has developed a consultation system that objectively identifies the problems in corporate giving on the basis of a Philanthropy Diagnostic Program and then proposes effective solutions. This consultation includes assistance in reconstructing the client company's philanthropic mission, organizing it on a strategic basis, and developing systems for mission evaluation. The program includes innovative methods for corporate reform that adopt a balanced scorecard approach to evaluate business performance, and set the stage for the emergence of a succession of far-sighted companies that have undergone a paradigm shift in their strategies towards corporate philanthropy.
I Strategies Required in Philanthropic Activities
1 Shifting the Paradigm from Charity to Social Investment
2 The Returns Expected from Social Investments
II The Shifting Paradigm: Five Problems in Search of a Solution
1 Reinforcing Internal Company Communication
2 Reconstructing the Mission Behind Philanthropic Activity
3 Mission Breakdown
4 Optimum Allocation of Management Resources
5 Building Systems to Evaluate the Results of Strategies and Programs
III Solutions to Emerging Problems
1 Mission Reconstruction Using the Mission Study Framework
2 Building Strategies and Evaluation Systems by Using the Balanced Scorecard
IV Reforming Philanthropic Activities: The Asahi Beer Example
1 Background to Asahi's Efforts
2 Perception of Two Subjects
3 Reform Process
4 Fruits of the Reform Effort and Tasks for the Future
V Seeking Reform in Corporate Philanthropy


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