NRI Papers
No.44   March 1, 2002
  Marketing Strategy in the Era of Ubiquitous Networks  
        Ubiquitous networks usher three new styles into the existing world of consumer-oriented marketing. They are: (1) "context marketing," where proposals that are optimally designed to meet customer-specific conditions become available through network sensing and tracking abilities; (2) "benchmark marketing," in which consumer persuasion is enhanced through merchandise assessments and Q&A exchanges by making the best use of the growing strengths of online communities; and (3) "collaborative marketing," in which the wide use of visual images broadens consumer participation in the process of merchandise planning and development, thereby culminating in higher consumer loyalty.
    The success or failure of consumer-oriented businesses will depend on whether they can quickly combine the above three marketing approaches to provide what might be called "concierge-like" services for consumers. As enterprises come to embrace these points of view, they must hasten to reconstruct their marketing strategies and customer relationship management (CRM).
I Marketing Venues Expanded Through Ubiquitous Networks
1 Comfortable Concierge-Like Services
2 Ubiquitous Networks Assist Us Throughout Our Active Hours
3 Three Marketing Approaches Made Possible by Three Technological Changes
II Three Marketing Approaches
1 Context Marketing
2 Benchmark Marketing
3 Collaborative Marketing
III How to Respond to Trends in Ubiquitous Marketing
1 Acquiring the Position of a Concierge in Serving Customers
2 Need to Establish Customer-Oriented Strategies and Reorganize CRM Systems


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