NRI Papers
No.49   June 1, 2002
  Innovative Business Models in the Era of Ubiquitous Networks  
Toshitada NAGUMO
        The scope of corporate management issues that should be resolved by ubiquitous networks must be expanded to include not only process innovation but also product innovation, lest the potential range for improving corporate value be limited. Innovative approaches under these parameters are represented by (1) "concierge" type models aimed at consumer markets, (2) "knowledge asset management" schema focused on corporate users, and (3) "wide-area measurement" systems targeting public service fields. The size of the market to be served by these three business models is expected to grow to a very large yen11 trillion around 2005. As there may be many other potential business models beyond these three, an important goal in corporate management is to develop a host of innovative approaches based on the suggestions presented by the business models highlighted here.
I Importance of Product Innovation
II Three Essential Elements and Innovative Business Models
1 Three Essential Elements of Ubiquitous Networks
2 Innovative Business Models Based on Ubiquitous Networks
III Concierge Type Business Models
1 Being Very Attentive When Needed
2 Concierge Type Business Models Aimed at Eliminating Anxieties
3 Major Features of Concierge Type Business Models
IV Knowledge Asset Management Type Business Models
1 Amassing and Tapping Knowledge Resources
2 "Knowledge Asset" Management
3 Asset Management by Using Knowledge
4 Expansion of Knowledge Asset Management Business Models
V Wide-Area Measurement Business Model
1 Gathering Data to Resolve Public Issues
2 Traffic Systems
3 Environmental Systems
4 National Land Management System
VI Market Impact of Innovative Business Models
1 Creating a Market of yen11 Trillion in 2005
2 Pursuing the Creation of U-Value


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