NRI Papers
No.58   November 1, 2002
  E-Learning to Create Knowledge and Business  
Shintaro MAEDA
        With the widespread use of the Internet, IT businesses and central government agencies in the United States have been serving as the driving force behind the trend toward developing e-learning as an everyday activity. These approaches towards e-learning are typically characterized by educational outreach efforts and community formation. In Japan as well, businesses are starting to use e-learning not only as a method for independent study, but also as an effective tool for business reform.
    Many businesses that have successfully introduced e-learning have adopted a top-down approach, which means that it is not merely used to replace classroom training or reduce costs. The key to success in the future will be the development of environments that integrate classroom training, e-learning, community building and other elements to develop new learning styles, provide frameworks for human resource development, and establish employee knowledge cycles that are in tune with management strategies.
    The NRI (Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.) group has long advocated the "enterprise learning platform" (ELP) as a next-generation learning environment that goes beyond simple e-learning applications. ELP is not merely an in-house system. We can make full use of it as a business solution to invigorate collaboration with partners and customers as a means of increasing corporate value even more.
I Accelerating the Shift to E-Learning in the Business Sector
1 History and Characteristics of E-Learning
2 Components of E-Learning
3 Reasons for the Introduction of E-Learning
4 Rapidly Expanding E-Learning Market
II Leading-Edge Case Studies in the United States and Japan
1 Leading-Edge Case Study: Kendle International Inc. (United States)
2 Leading-Edge Case Study: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
3 Initiatives by the NRI Group
III Requirements for Successful E-Learning
1 E-Learning Success Factors
2 Assessment Criteria for E-Learning
IV E-Learning in the Ubiquitous Network Era
1 Future Directions
2 The ELP Concept
3 Creating Business Through E-Learning


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