NRI Papers
No.92 July 1, 2005
  Efforts to Accelerate Development by Winning Companies
— Case Examples of Reforms by Japanese Carmakers —
Masakazu AMAMIYA
      Japanese carmakers--generally known as winners in the global market--took up the acceleration of development as an important management issue in the latter half of the 1990s. In doing so, they have built up development processes that have overwhelmed competing companies.
      Japanese carmakers have achieved a speed of development three times faster than their competitors in Europe and the US. Thus, they have achieved a superior competitive edge that enables them to release large numbers of hot-selling cars into the global market at the right time. In addition, Japanese carmakers have promoted the growth of superior engineers in a short period by having their personnel gain experience on a large number of projects. Thus, Japanese carmakers have superior human resources as well.
      Japanese carmakers are currently starting to make efforts to increase the speed of decision making in order to accelerate development even further. Their decision making process that has both high speed and strong points, where related departments gather, discuss and render a conclusion, will strengthen the global competitiveness of Japanese carmakers.
      In the future, there is a strong possibility that accelerating the development process will become an important management issue for companies that must release more products aimed at local areas in the global market. It is possible that the reforms of Japanese carmakers will receive much attention from those companies.
I Merits of Accelerating Development
II Differences between Successful and Unsuccessful Reforms
III Methods for Accelerating Development
IV Reform Points to Increase Development Speed


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