NRI Papers
No.102 March 1, 2006
  IT Road Map toward 2010  
Hideaki NAKAMOTO and Masatoshi KOMEICHI
      With the rapid development of information and communications technology, the environment surrounding broadband networks (high-speed, large-capacity circuits), mobile communications and other related technologies has also been changing at a rapid pace. In order for a business enterprise to make a suitable IT (information technology) investment under such circumstances, it must be able to forecast the trends of significant technologies that will become available in the future and map out a technical strategy based on such a forecast. Since 2001, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) has continuously been conducting research on IT trends, making forecasts and creating the "IT Road Map."
      The development of information and communications technology is ushering in an era of the ubiquitous network that enables access to a network "at any time, anywhere and by anything." In the early years of the 2000s, progress was made in the development of infrastructure for the ubiquitous network. What will become increasingly important as we move toward 2010 is how best to utilize the massive amounts of information that can be obtained by connecting networks with the wide variety of terminals and sensors that will emerge in the future.
      Information systems that will be built around 2010 will establish "precise real-world models" based on information obtained from "a vast amount of network devices," and offer carefully tailored services. These information systems will also realize "intelligent information processing" such as supporting human decision making and automating advanced information processing.
I IT Evolution and IT Road Map
  1 Changes in the IT Environment
  2 IT Road Map
II IT in 2010
  1 Increases in Network Devices
  2 Completing a Network Connecting a Variety of Devices
  3 Trends toward Loosely Coupled Information Systems
  4 Realizing Advanced Utilization of Information
III Features of Information Systems in 2010
  1 Network Expansion and "Numerical Augmentation"
  2 Realization of "Real-World Models"
  3 Emergence of IT with Intelligence
IV Issues on the Spread of New Technologies


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