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No.105 June 1, 2006
  Evolving IT Utilization by Enterprises towards 2010  
      As we move toward 2010, the objectives of IT (information technology) utilization by companies will shift to the creation of new businesses and services and the strengthening of corporate management. The targets to which IT is applied will also be expanded to include areas where it is difficult to produce effects. Companies must enhance the information utilization technology itself that gives birth to new value.
      Companies are required to propose life values that entail a sense of safety, comfort, convenience and emotional impact and that can be supported by consumers fully equipped with information capabilities through the progress of the network society. Companies should be experts of direct communication with customers by making use of IT, and must integrate advertisement, sales promotion and customer service activities that have thus far been separate.
      A company's own competitive edge can be developed and enhanced through the mutual utilization of intellectual assets of diverse personnel who have the ability to generate ideas, expertise, experience and knowledge and motivation. In addition to establishing an organizational environment that fosters centripetal force, an environment for communication, simulation and implementation must be provided by means of IT, thereby increasing the knowledge turnover rate.
      It is vital for companies that intend to flexibly reorganize their business portfolios in response to changes to optimize the overall information system structure. This will enable quickly integrating management and business processes at the time of a merger, securing internal control and maintaining information security, and implementing risk assessments required for management decisions as necessary.
      In evolving IT utilization, management executives themselves must have a profound understanding of IT. CIOs (chief information officers) should play the role of bridging business and IT. IT planning personnel who are fully equipped with information utilization capabilities and inside and/or outside IT supply personnel who have engineering capabilities must closely cooperate with each other.
I Changes in Objectives of IT Utilization by Enterprises
II IT Utilization Creating Customer Value
III Enhancing a Company's Competitive Edge by IT Utilization
IV IT Utilization Increasing Business Agility
V Matters to be Resolved for New IT Utilization


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