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No.134 September 1, 2008
  An IT Producer Supports the Realization of Business Strategy  
   While the importance of the utilization of IT (information systems) for business management has long been recognized, the distance between management executives and IT has not yet been shortened at all.
   The attainment of a company's sustainable growth requires continual innovations (in the form of reform to increase business value). At the same time, the focus of IT utilization should be shifted towards strategic purposes--i.e., from "improvement type" to "revolutionary type" and "creative type."
   Because IT departments and IT vendors eschew major changes, their approaches are often based on an introversive, conservative "manufacturing" framework. To give rise to revolutionary and creative innovations, this framework must be changed to an "intellectually high-pressure type (extroversive type)" framework that emphasizes creativity.
   Company management, the business operations department and the IT department must unite to establish an effective IT operational structure. What facilitates the establishment of this trinity structure are "IT editing abilities," and the person who is expected to demonstrate these abilities is an "IT producer."
   An IT producer is a "working-level" individual who coordinates company-wide IT utilization; his/her position is different from that of a CIO (chief information officer) and that of a project manager. An IT producer is required to have five plus one abilities: they are observation ability, conversation ability, imagination (memorization ability), selection ability, expression ability and "human potential."
I Issues Facing Business Management in IT Utilization
II What are IT Editing Abilities?
III An IT Producer Supports Trinity IT Operations


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