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No.138 January 1 , 2009
  The Road to Revitalizing IT Personnel  
   The Industrial Structure Council of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry suggested the importance of the development of "highly skilled IT professionals" targeting not only those specialists who are engaged in the development of corporate information systems in the IT (information technology) industry, but also personnel who work in system user companies as those who create added value through the strategic use of IT. As we move toward the future, highly skilled IT professionals who can use IT as a source of a company's competitiveness and can make the best use of new IT expertise and technology at the global level are required.
   However, there are large gaps between the ideal image and the actual status of IT personnel at companies. In addition to the measures adopted by the government to promote the industry and reform the IT engineer examination system, efforts must now be made at each company to revitalize and improve its IT personnel.
   Simply becoming specialists in IT is not sufficient to become the sort of IT personnel who are required by a company. Such personnel must also be IT specialists who are well versed in business.
   Nomura Research Institute (NRI) has developed and systematized methods to create highly motivated organizations under a model called "VOICE." In this paper, companies that are moving ahead of other companies in implementing measures to revitalize and improve IT personnel are introduced based on the VOICE framework.
    To create its own value, a company must become a group of specialists with expertise in a variety of areas. Representative examples of these specialists are IT personnel. They must be skilled in multiple fields such as business development, design of work processes and use of IT-related expertise and technology. Management must not regard the development of IT personnel as being either an issue that is particular to, or the responsibility of, the IT department alone.
I Development of Highly Skilled IT Professionals Constitutes a National Challenge
II Actual Status of IT Personnel in Companies
III IT Personnel Necessary for Companies
IV Approaches to the Revitalization of IT Personnel
V Knowledge and Experience Required of a Company's IT Personnel
VI What Management Must Understand


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