NRI Papers
No.174 June 1, 2012
  India's ICT Industry Is Already at the Utilization Phase with an Emphasis on Mobile Services  
Shohei ISHIWATA, Satoshi AWAMURA and Kotaro TAKADA

In the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in developed countries, a wide range of diverse products and services has been popularized along with the development of relevant technology. Starting with TVs, the industry has gone on to see the popularization of PCs, mobile devices and then social networking services (SNS). In the future, expectation is given to the application of ICT to utilities as represented by smart cities. However, in India, all of these technologies are spreading at essentially the same time.

In India, the country is just about to see an explosive growth of all sorts of ICT services as triggered by the rapid spread of mobile services to the majority of the population.

Moreover, India is seeing the development of unique local services such as mobile value-added service (MVAS) with voice-activated search, social media that uses short message service (SMS) and smart agriculture.

Rather than being locked in stiff competition with global players for the top of the economic pyramid (TOP) market, Japanese companies should instead set their sights on the majority segment. To develop business targeting this segment, it is essential to partner with local Indian companies that have a strong presence in this market and are capable of deploying their own unique services.

I Current Status of Major ICT Markets in India
II Differences between ICT Industries in India and Developed Countries
III Launch of Service Models that Are Unique to India
IV Business Opportunities for Japanese Companies


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