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No. 178 October 1, 2012
  Corporate Change and the Use of IT  

Amid growing global competition, many Japanese companies have lost their competitiveness and are no longer able to maintain their profitability or build on their growth potential. These companies now face the need for major change. While IT can speed up the implementation of business change, it can also act as an obstacle to change. Corporate executives and chief information officers (CIOs) must look ahead to determine the change that will become necessary, and prepare information systems that will support the implementation of the desired change. Companies must have a future vision for business change and change to information systems that will become necessary.

This paper examines the area(s) of business strategy that companies are reviewing, the change that they are implementing and the area(s) of change management. This paper also clarifies how IT has been contributing to the achievement of the desired change. Based on these analytical findings, this paper proposes the use of IT that contributes to corporate change, which is the "IT strategy." For about 10 years, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) has annually conducted the "Survey on the Actual Status of the Use of IT by User Companies." The most recent survey, conducted in December 2011, looked at business change and how IT is being used for such change.

Faced with the need for reviewing business strategy, a company must determine the area in which change will be implemented and must undertake change management in the area(s) that is necessary to achieve the desired change in accordance with the determined scenario based on the stage of the business life cycle at which the company finds itself. In order to implement change and its management more effectively, IT must be used to a greater extent. For companies that plan to embark on change, the scenario assumed in this paper based on the actual status of companies that have been moving ahead of others in terms of implementing change will serve as a guideline.

I Need for Prospects for Both Business Change and the Use of IT
II Hypotheses Adopted Regarding Corporate Change and the Use of IT
III Details of Most Recent Survey Content and Analytical Results
IV Analytical Results
V Status of Companies that Have Not Reviewed Their Business Strategy
VI Guidelines for Business Change and the Use of IT
VII A Future Vision Based on the Stage of the Business Life Cycle at Which a Company Finds Itself


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