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Establishment and Penetration of Missions, Visions and Values (MVV)

Do you think your employees understand and sympathize in the Missions, Visions and Values of your company? Do you make efforts on pursuing and realizing the concepts on the entire company level? As globalization progresses, the relationship between headquarters and overseas locations, and among overseas locations becomes increasingly closer. Thus, dissemination of Missions, Visions and Values (MVV) is the key to have effective governance and promote delegation of authority.
NRI helps your company establish effective MVV that bring out features and characteristics of your company and disseminate them on a global scale in accordance with your organization culture and situation of human resources (talents).

Reconstruction of Global Operating Models

Essential qualities for companies to survive fierce competition in the global market are "prompt and definite decision-making and the ability to get it done". Companies have to review their management platform from scratch in order to equip themselves with such qualities.
NRI proposes the Global Operating Model when reconstructing management platforms for our clients. The model consists of three elements: 1) functions and roles of global headquarters; 2) design of key processes in competition; and 3) sufficiency of personnel in major positions. Specifically, we help them establish the appropriate organization, processes, and systems in accordance with the results of examinations based on the Global Operating Model, then propose a reform roadmap toward the establishment of the new systems.

Establishment of Business Management Framework

In order to maximize the return on the limited resources in the situation where the environment surrounding the business cannot be easily foreseen, companies need the governance that captures good results and the process that yields such results as well as risk management.
The Balance Score Card (BSC) is known as one of the typical framework for the management of budget, goals and performance that captures from strategies to key perform indicators (KPIs) of business management. In the meantime, more flexible and predictive business management methods attract attention of managers in recent years. For example, the Beyond Budgeting Model (BBM) allows flexible operational planning and the predictive PDCA produces rolling forecasts in short-term cycles.

Business Structural Reform

With rapid changes in the market environment, improvement of each business unit is not sufficient for companies to catch up with the changes. They are required to conduct company-wide business reform or even change the business portfolios.
NRI provides consistent support for your company to improve the corporate value even in the adverse conditions, from making decisions on the management direction to executing the plans. In particular, our services include objective business diagnostics backed up by proven consultation services in a wide range of industries, various decision-making in the designing of business portfolios, and development of "value-up" strategies for non-core businesses and unprofitable businesses. We also provide advisory services to assist in the sale of your company including finding a purchaser and formulating sales schemes.


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