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In recent years, an increased number of companies address "Work Style Reform" to resolve their management issues due to changes in the labor market associated with declining birthrates, aging populations, and fluctuating market conditions. The objectives have gradually shifted from improvement of labor productivity through operational reform to improvement of intellectual productivity through knowledge sharing, creation of a paperless environment, and reform on the meeting body. Today, there are a variety of objectives, including improving their satisfaction and motivating resourceful employees by making workplaces more attractive.
However, changing the existing styles of work is not easy. In executing operational reform, three measures should be taken simultaneously: system reform, environment development, and change management.
NRI proposes "process of the work style reform that never fails" in consideration with characteristics of the industry and organization based on past experience in the various types of work style reforms.

KFS for Work Style Reform

Four Steps to Successful Workstyle Reform

Concept Map - The Frame of Discussion on Workstyle Reform

CRM and Omni-Directional Channels

The spread of smartphones and progress of IT technologies in recent years have diversified customer touchpoints. As perspectives of customer approach, such key words as omni-directional channels and customer journey have become hot topics.
On the other hand, many companies cannot approach their customers effectively because their marketing-related departments are clearly divided by function such as advertising department, sales promotion department, Web and EC department, and call-center department.
As a result, the companies that have a proven track record mostly in brick-and-mortar stores cannot make good use of the Web and EC department, and therefore, cannot obtain good results. NRI thinks that entry into the Web and EC field is not just adding another sales channel. It is reform on the entire marketing function. We will offer a range of services with a down-to-earth approach, from formulation of strategies and development of structures, to supporting the execution depending on the situation of the client.

Big Data Business Analytics

The advent of the Big Data age and the progress of the Big Data analysis platform have increased the importance of utilizing the enormous information resources in companies' decision-making.
In the field of business analytics like this, NRI supports your company in examining data analysis operations, performing business reform, implementing operations and establishing a special organization.
We offer consulting services such as visualization of management information, advancement of marketing, execution of data analysis for better operation efficiency, and navigating upstream processes necessary for systemization. With our services, clients can effectively utilize the data existing in and outside the company in their management process.
In order to disseminate data utilization in the organization, we also provide consulting services on operational reform. The services cover designing of organizations and operations required for the data analysis, establishment of operations through execution support, and enhancement of skills through training programs.

Support for Business Analytics


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