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The Japan-China Financial Roundtable is a research forum sponsored jointly by Nomura Research Institute and the China Finance 40 Forum (CF40), a Chinese think tank, with the goal of developing a shared understanding of the issues confronting the Japanese and Chinese economies and financial systems and drawing on the knowledge and experience of both sides to find appropriate solutions. Since its first gathering in Beijing in June 2012, the Roundtable has met on an annual basis.

The development of healthy economies and financial systems in Asia’s two leading economies is important not only for Japan and China but also for the post-GFC global economy and financial system. Japan has a mature economy and financial system and is seeking a path to stable growth, while China faces numerous structural issues as a result of its rapid economic expansion, but both will need to find policies suited to their economies and financial systems. That will be possible only if experienced policymakers, economic and financial scholars, and practitioners from financial institutions and the financial markets come together to share their views and knowledge.

A variety of publicly and privately sponsored forums already exist for discussions involving Japan and China. However, the Roundtable is unique in that it seeks to play a role in macro-level economic and financial policymaking and foster the building of networks among experts in the two countries. It seeks to tap the considerable resources of the FMP and the China Finance 40 Forum to enable discussions among policymakers, scholars, and practitioners, share the results of those discussions, and provide useful information for policymakers in both countries.

The results of the Roundtable’s discussions, like those of the Financial Markets Panel, will continue to be disseminated to policymakers, scholars, and practitioners around the world via the publication of meeting minutes and individual exchanges of opinion.

Note: The China Finance 40 Forum (CF40) is an independent Beijing-based think tank founded in 2008 to conduct research on financial policy. Under Chairman Chen Yuan, CF40 holds biweekly seminars with Chinese policymakers and experts from academia and state-owned financial institutions. It also publishes reports on financial market policy in China and elsewhere. Further details can be found on the CF40 website:

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