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In addition to “Corporate IT” for implementing IT in back office operations, which has been NRI’s strength in the past, NRI will create “Business IT” that directly contributes to the expansion of customers’ businesses, and accumulate and expand accomplishments in this area in the future.

Business IT directly contributing to customers’ businesses is required due to advances in digital technology. NRI will implement its new “consolution” business model in which consulting and solutions run side by side with customers to devise and promote business IT.

Corporate IT

In 1979, NRI created the ordering system for Seven-Eleven Japan. Then, in 1982, NRI created and operated Japan’s first full-scale POS system in the retail industry, providing a system that supports the convenience stores of today where people can obtain what they want at any time of the day.

Thanks to this, POS systems have also come to be used not only in distribution, but also in the home delivery and manufacturing industries. Systems which embody high added value for customers lead to innovation of business models and expand beyond the boundaries of industries. This case is also one “proof” speaking of NRI’s unique vision and ability to create dynamic value.


NRI will accelerate support for global business expansion, growing together with customers.

In addition to China and other parts of Asia, NRI will strengthen its services and support systems assisting global expansion of customers. By incorporating innovative business models and the latest technologies from overseas to provide services optimized for distribution and other industries, the Company will achieve sustained growth with its customers.