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Value Co-creation

Solving Social Issues through
Value Co-Creation Since Inception

NRI Group's Corporate Philosophy and Value Co-Creation

NRI’s mission is to realize growth based on a consistent philosophy, keeping the following in mind:
For society: Discern new social paradigms and implement them.
For clients: Build client trust and establish relationships of mutual growth.
This mission is the foundation of our approach to work. We have newly defined NRI Group’s 3 Social Values to aim for management that can contribute to the creation of a sustainable future society under the Medium-Term Plan 2022, which was formulated to realize “Vision2022”. Through all of our businesses, we are promoting sustainable growth across the Group and the creation of a sustainable future society.

NRI Groupʼs 3 Social Values

Solving Social Issues through
3 Shared Values

"Co-creation of a thriving future society" means the continuous generation of new values for the future and the creation of an affluent and comfortable society in which all consumers can enjoy those values. NRI is promoting digital transformation (DX) in two ways: DX 1.0, in which we upgrade clients' legacy business processes, and DX 2.0, where we work with clients to create new businesses, in many cases launching joint ventures with those clients.

"Co-creation of an optimal society" means nurturing strong industries that effectively utilize valuable social resources (manpower, goods, capital, and intellectual property) and aiming to create a comfortable society for everyone. In this field, NRI has contributed to reform the business processes of financial institutions by developing shared-use platforms that support finance, such as STAR and BESTWAY, and also bringing about a reduction in CO₂ emissions through cloud-based joint use of information systems. Going forward, we will continue to create new platforms for new fields and new customers, and promote businesses that co-create a business foundation that ensures effective utilization of corporate social resources.

"Co-creation of a safe and secure society" means protecting social infrastructures such as information systems and aiming to create a safe and secure society that can easily withstand accidents and disasters. With information infrastructure becoming increasingly complex, NRI is promoting the business of offering security-backed infrastructure as a managed service*¹. We have also been involved in activities related to disaster prevention and mitigation, and reconstruction support.

Through these management activities, NRI aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future society, remain an essential member of the society, and achieve sustainable growth.

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