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Initiatives for Sustainable Development in the Securities and Finance Industries

Solving Social Issues through
Value Co-Creation Since Inception

NRI has many clients in the securities and finance industries, but what sets us apart is what we do to create a healthy sales environment for financial instruments and a sustainable financial market in an ever changing, challenging environment. We want to think about our clients' future with them. Keeping this in mind, we have invited working members from within the company to discuss measures for sustainable development of the securities and finance industries.

Employees come together to solve the industry-wide challenges and make efforts towards a better future

Not only are the securities and finance industries expanding globally and rapidly digitalizing beyond their current state, many companies from other industries are also entering the market due to deregulation and other such factors. Even as competition intensifies, there is a wide range of corporate compliance and information security requirements companies must adhere to, which makes it difficult for them to achieve the kind of growth they had in the past. In light of these circumstances, NRI conducted a workshop which was voluntarily led by the people from the securities and finance industries in July 2019, aiming to resolve issues faced by the said industries, and in turn, creating shared value (CSV). NRI conducts workshops to envision the industries’ future and discuss topics such as "Asset Building for Financial Literacy Improvement" to increase investor numbers by raising awareness among the members of the workforce.

In September 2019, we conducted a questionnaire survey on the topic of desired finance, targeting employees involved in securities and finance. Based on the information collected, we are deeply investigating the issues faced by our stakeholders and considering strategies for the various workplaces in establishing a plan for offering new services to solve their issues.
To restore the credibility of financial instruments and contribute to a healthy sales environment, we are supporting the reformation of management models to a client-oriented type. Moreover, we are promoting joint activities for investment training across the company, and supporting the training of next-generation leaders with securities companies (brokerage firms) that use our STAR* system as a way to co-create with the industry, including organizing networking events for next-generation leaders at securities firms.
*STAR: NRI's solution for securities companies (brokerage firms).

The business environment of securities and finance will remain challenging with increasing uncertainty around social trends. However, this is precisely the reason we need to work with our clients to accelerate structural reforms geared towards the future. The industry is expected to play an important role in addressing various needs of the asset-building demographic. NRI will continue with these value co-creation initiatives to achieve sustainable growth and create a sustainable future society.

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