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Corporate Philosophy

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The NRI Group upholds a universal corporate philosophy based on the pillars of "Mission," "Society We Innovate," and "Our Values."

What is "Dream up the future"?

"Dream up" indicates NRI's passion for developing fresh new ideas. The future is unknown and unpredictable, so we must create the future we envision.
In our desire to create new value for society, the NRI Group continues to meet business challenges and works to create the society of the future.

What does it mean to "dream the future"?

"Dream up the future" expresses NRI's commitment to creating never before seen business models one after another.

This is an era of rapid change and unpredictability.
We want to carve out a solid future while keeping a firm eye on society.
To that end, we hope to contribute to the world by creating new value.
The NRI Group will continue to take on challenges as a company that creates a future society.

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