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NRI Group's Code of Business Principles

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We, the NRI Group, will act independently, globally and with the future in mind.
We will act in accordance with the following principles, which are aimed at the realization of our ‘Corporate Philosophy’, and we will work towards building a relationship of trust with every stakeholder.

For Society

We will be forward-looking and will provide information and recommendations to lead changes in society.
We will contribute to developing the leaders of tomorrow and a vibrant future society.
We will contribute to environmental protection and community development while acting in good faith and with sound judgment.
We will observe the letter and the spirit of the law, and will not enter into any kind of relationship with Anti-Social Forces*.

  • *  

    “Anti-Social Forces” means persons, entities or organizations that are considered to be, or have connections to: (i) an organized crime group; or (ii) a corporate racketeer or extortionist.

For Clients

We will, with a “Client First” spirit, provide services and solutions that are valuable to clients.
We will strive to continuously be recognized by our clients as a true and long-standing partner.
We will be committed to quality and integrity and will promise that our services and solutions are reliable and secure.

For Employees

We will respect the high level of expertise of our employees and will promote significant growth with our expansive and diverse pool of professional talent.
We will provide healthy and sound working environments in which each and every employee is able to contribute professionally and thrive both mentally and physically.

For Business Partners

We will work to grow with our business partners and to build constructive relationships grounded in mutual respect.

For Shareholders/Investors

We will make fair disclosures of information and will engage in an open dialogue with shareholders and investors.
We will work to achieve sustainable growth and to increase the NRI Group's corporate value while fulfilling the expectations of shareholders and investors.

Established: May 1, 2003
Revised:October 23, 2015

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