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iVision Shanghai Co., Ltd. (iVision Shanghai)

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iVision Shanghai Co.,Ltd("iVision"), an affiliate company of Nomura Research Institute("NRI") and Mitsubishi Corporation("MC"), is offering ICT service to Chinese businesses as well as Japanese companies active in China. iVision's company principles is providing various IT solutions to not only meet customer's needs, but also improve the value along the entire enterprise value chain.

By applying the know-how of production technology, project management and the quality control of NRI, plus using MC's strong business relationship network and MC's high company reliability, also with well acquainted on Chinese affairs, the iVision's professional team is continuously providing their various ICT services in China.

Solutions Overview

  1. IT Consulting
  2. ERP Solutions
  3. SCM Solutions
  4. Financial System Solutions
  5. IT Infrastructure and System Support Solutions

iVision Shanghai Co., Ltd. (iVision Shanghai)

9F, No.100, Lane 91, E-Shan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, 200127

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