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Tsinghua-NRI China Research Center(TNC)

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Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. and Tsinghua University of China have jointly established a research center on the Chinese university's premises in Beijing to conduct studies on China's economy, society and industrial policy as well as to have exchanges with Chinese government officials involved in policymaking and researchers. The research center's main operations are:

  1. Research outsourcing (Research on industrial policy, social issues, Sino-Japanese relations, etc.)
  2. Round-table discussion (Invite prominent researchers to hold round-table discussions)
  3. Development of human resources (Support activities of university students studying Japanese in Beijing)
  4. Transmission of information (Transmit research outcomes via the website and other means)

Tsinghua-NRI China Research Center(TNC)

No.361 Ming Zhai, Tsinghua University, Beijinig 100084, China
TEL : +86-10-6279-7268

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