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NRI Group Companies and offices

DSB Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

DSB provides high-quality and high-added-value outsourcing services to the securities and finance industries. In partnership with group companies (DSB Group), it provides one-stop support for your IT and human resource needs.


May 1957
Osaka Daiko Co.,Ltd. founded in Higashi-ku, Osaka (now Chuo-ku, Osaka)
Oct 1957
Trade name changed to Osaka Shoken Daiko Co., Ltd.
Jan 1995
Trade name changed to Daiko Shoken Business Co., Ltd.
Aug 2003
Formed business alliance with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. to provide back office services for securities companies
Oct 2003
Acquired 60.0% of the shares of Nippon Clearing Services Co.,Ltd. making it a subsidiary
Mar 2006
Listed the Company's shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange (now the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Jul 2012
Acquired all shares of Fuji Soft KCS Co., Ltd. (now DSB Information System Co., Ltd.), making it a wholly-owned subsidiary
Mar 2014
Entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
Apr 2014
Nomura Research Institute becomes the Company's parent company
Oct 2014
Headquarters moved to Koto-ku, Tokyo
Nippon Clearing Services Co., Ltd. acquired through absorption-type merger
Dec 2015
DSB Sourcing Co., Ltd. founded
Oct 2018
DSB Solution Service Co., Ltd. founded
Jun 2020
Tender offer completed by Nomura Research Institute,Ltd. to acquire the Company's common shares and share acquisition rights
Jul 2020
Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., and was delisted from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Business Outline

■Securities Back Office

Services meeting all manner of outsourcing needs for securities administrative operations, including opening accounts, securities transactions/funds settlement, inheritance proceedings agency services, audit support, and system migration support and planning.
Outsourcing services for administrative operations requiring special processing, including: assistance with creating forms, with drafting internal regulations, and with AML rolling reviews; and full outsourcing services for investment trust direct sales BPO.


Comprehensive support from the planning stage to operational startup in various areas, including applications for permits/approvals and registration with the financial authorities for establishing securities companies, negotiations with supervisory authorities (system-related procedures), personnel recruitment, securities systems deployment, and development of schemes for operational flow/internal control systems and business management.

■Financial Instrument Transactions

Services pertaining to the financial instruments business, e.g., placing/filling/clearing orders on exchanges, account management/transfers.

■System Compliance

  • NISA/Junior NISA/ "Tsumitate" NISA account opening agency services
    Packaged administrative agency services covering everything from applications for opening accounts to documentation electronification and storage.
  • MyNumber registration, management, and usage services
    Covers a range of functions including "registration services" for MyNumber collection, "management services" for MyNumber storage, and "usage services" for appending MyNumber to regulatory submissions to government agencies.


Services including the storage, delivery, and printing of marketable securities, contracts, and other important documents, as well as packing, sealing, and other related mailing operations.


Please see the following page for new graduate recruitment and career recruitment.

Company Data

Company Name
DSB Co., Ltd.
President and CEO: Yuji Yuhara
May 13, 1957

Access Map

DSB Co., Ltd.

2-9-15 Shiomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0052

Access Map

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