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NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd.

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Company Profile

NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd. is a company specializing in information security that belongs to the Nomura Research Institute Group. Our mission is to create a society where everyone can enjoy the benefits of IT in a safe and secure environment while working with our customers to create a prosperous future. To achieve this mission, we offer world-class services and products based on the technology and knowledge we have been developing since our founding.


June 1995
Launched as Nomura Research Institute's first internal venture project.
August 2000
Established NRI Secure Technologies, Ltd.
February 2009
Opened a branch office in North America (in April 2014, the North American branch office was changed to North America Regional Headquarters.)
August 2012
Formed a capital and business alliance with UBsecure, Inc., making UBSecure a group company.
May 2014
Succeeded the security-related business from NRI.
December 2018
Established NDIAS, Ltd. with DENSO Corporation to conduct automotive cyber security business.

Business Outline

Comprehensive solutions to information security issues based on our four core businesses
By combining the comprehensive capabilities of providing consulting, DX (Digital Transformation) security, managed security services, and security software with the perspectives of both management and the field, we provide one-stop solutions to all the information security challenges you encounter.

Consulting Business
"Tailor-made consulting based on a high level of expertise"
Our experts support organizations and companies with a wide range of security issues involving people, technology, processes by providing professional surveys and recommendations, as well as support for the design of security policies, rules and guidelines, audits and evaluations, and implementation of countermeasures, and a variety of other measures to solve security issues.

DX Security Business
"Security to support DX"
To ensure the safety and security of our clients' business transformation through DX, we provide security assessments and advisory services for IT and IoT/OT systems by experts in IoT, multi-cloud, DevSecOps, blockchain, automotive security, as well as a wide variety of security education services.

Managed Security Services
"World-class MDR and SOC 24/7"
We provide total support for the safety of your information systems, including the design/implementation /operation of secure networks, and managed security services, advanced security monitoring (NeoSOC), incident response and managed EDR services.

Software Business
"High quality, convenient security solutions"
Leveraging our extensive experience and know-how as a company specializing in security, we offer software products and cloud services that are best suited to solve your security issues, based on the current state of the world's security environment, legal systems, and various guidelines.


We are always looking for security consultants, analysts and engineers to protect customers' business and our society from the threat of cyber-attacks. Both new graduates and mid-career candidates are welcome. For more information, please visit the following websites (Japanese Only) or send a message to

Company Data

Company Name
NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd.
President: Shunichi Tatewaki
August 1, 2000

Access Map

NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd.

Tokyo Sankei Building, 1-7-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan

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